Jun Chen


Chen Jun, He is also the Secretary-General of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, the Convener of the Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology Discipline Review Group of the State Council Academic Degree Committee, the Vice Chairman of the China Society of Surveying and Mapping, the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Land Society, and the Expert of the Geographical Science Group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He used to be the president of China Geographic Information System Association. He is the editor of the journal of International Journal GISs, ISPRS International Journal of GIS, and editor of Geographic Information World. He is an adjunct professor at several colleges such as the National School of Administration and Wuhan University.


He has undertaken and completed more than ten basic research projects, including two national natural science fund key projects and three projects, as well as the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project, the National Education Commission Huo Yingdong Fund Project, and the National Education Commission Cross-Century Excellent Talent Fund. Project; hosted the development of more than ten engineering projects such as the national land border database system. He has published nearly 100 academic papers in international academic journals and domestic core journals, published an academic monograph, and co-published three academic and popular books.


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