Xia Li


Li Xia, Long-term integration of geographic cellular automata, multi-agent and geographic information systems, theoretical framework of geo-simulation systems and knowledge realization of platform, model correction and transformation rules, monitoring and simulation of urban and land-use change, collaborative space simulation and optimization, etc. In-depth theoretical and methodological research. Innovative research results have been obtained in the core research contents of large-scale land use change simulation, geographic process simulation and decision support model, coupling group intelligence and multi-intelligence, multi-objective space optimization. The theoretical system and research framework of geographic simulation and decision support system are proposed. The simulation platform GeoSOS integrating intelligent simulation and spatial optimization is constructed and realized. It solves the problem that GIS has serious shortage of process simulation and optimization, and it is reasonable for land resources. Configuration and ecological protection provide powerful tools. The team led to the establishment of a global land-use change simulation model and the formation of related high-precision products.


Elected into the 2014-2018 Elsevier China Highly Cited Scholars and 3 representative works ranked 1% before the SCI Geography field. The proposed GeoSOS is listed as one of the most famous international land use simulation models. It is considered to be one of the important achievements in the development of GIS in China. It was rated as one of the 30 important advances in China's science and technology in 2013 and was included. The twenty most important scholars in the field of urban sprawl in the past two decades.


Received the honor of the National Outstanding Youth Fund (2005), the Minister of Education Jiang Scholar (2005), the Academician of the Eurasian Academy of Sciences (2012), and the first prize of the Guangdong Science and Technology Award (Basic) (2010, ranked first) ), the Academy of Developing Countries (TWAS) Earth Science Award (2013), the International Chinese Geographic Information Science Association (CPGIS) First Outstanding Scholar Award, was selected for the 2015 "Guangdong Special Support Program" ("Outstanding Talent Nanyue Baijie").


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