Ying Long


Ying Long,  Ph.D. is now working in the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, China. His research focuses on urban planning, quantitative urban studies and applied urban modeling. He has an education background in both environmental engineering and city planning. Before joining Tsinghua University, he has worked for Beijing Institute of City Planning as a senior planner for eleven years. Familiar with planning practices in China and versed in international literature, Dr. Long’s academic studies creatively integrate international methods and experiences with local planning practices. He has published almost two hundred papers and led over twenty research/planning projects. His funded projects range from international organizations like World Bank, World Health Organization, World Resource Institute and NRDC, and Wellcome Trust, internet companies like Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong, Tencent, Didi, Mobike and Gudong, local governments like Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao, Hefei, Zunyi, Rongcheng and Laizhou, to central governments like NDRC and MOHURD, and the NSFC. Dr. Long is also the founder of Beijing City Lab (BCL www.beijingcitylab.com), an open research network for quantitative urban studies.


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